The Role of Father in Family

The Role of Father in Family

May 30

To Papa, With Love and longing..

To me, Papa was the man who could do anything. He could write books on guerrilla warfare, he could blow up a rail tunnel, he could raid Portuguese armories, he could dive headfirst in an overflowing well, he could kayak down the Sal River at the age of 75, and he could give investment tips to my husband – who incidentally holds a degree in finance from one of the IIMs! I must have been four or five when I first realized that my father was a ‘freedom-fighter’! At that point, I considered ‘freedom fighting’ a legitimate future profession – a little less attractive than being an engine driver perhaps, but considerably more glamorous than being a teacher or a lawyer. When I cheerfully announced to Papa one day that when I grew up I wanted to be a freedom fighter just like him, he merely smiled and said, ‘Goa is already free you know, you will need to find a different fight for yourself.’

Papa taught us, his three children, to fight their own battles. I think he was most proud of me the day I waited for three hours before storming into the Mayor’s office, interrupting a council meeting to get a certificate that was due to me, rather than pay 10 bucks to the clerk outside and get it in five minutes. In our house dissent was not only tolerated, it was celebrated as long as one had the courage of the convictions to back it. Papa taught us many things, but most of all, he taught us to be true to ourselves. He taught us that the only way to clean the muck is to take a shovel in your own hands. His own life bore ample testimony to that.

Born the youngest child in a middle-class Hindu Saraswat family in Cuncolim, Papa was raised with strong nationalist values. The Vaidyas from Cuncolim were involved with the Goan freedom struggle from its very inception. My grandfather, Trivikram Vishnu Vaidya was present on the stage on that fateful 18th June, when Ram Manohar Lohia dared to lend voice to the Goan discontent against colonialism. Papa’s uncle, Vyankatesh Vishnu Vaidya was one of Goa’s leading Satyagrahis and spent many months imprisoned at the Aguada jail. It was little wonder then that papa had a strong antipathy towards colonial rule from a very early age. At the tender age of twenty he decided he was going to devote his life to the Goan freedom struggle. He was in Pune at that time, studying at the Wadia College. In a snap decision, he dropped out of college and traveled to Nagar Haveli one cold winter night without dropping as much as a line to anyone at home. Nothing could stop him, neither his father’s hopes, nor his mother’s tears, nor his own dreams of a bright future.

In Nagar-Haveli, he formally joined the Azad Gomantak Dal, a nationalist organization dedicated to the liberation of Goa using armed struggle as the means. Papa admired Gandhiji but believed that Gandhian ways were of little relevance in Goa, where the colonial rulers were the dictatorial Portuguese and not the democratic British.

From November 1954 to December 1961, papa was actively involved in the Goan freedom struggle. He played a key role in the liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and led several attacks on police stations and armouries in Goa, including successful attacks on Cuncolim and Canacona police outposts. He struck such terror in the hearts of the Portuguese authorities that the Portuguese government tried him twice in absentia. He was sentenced to over 35 years of rigorous imprisonment, but he was the elusive hero that got away! In 1961, when Goa was free, Papa could have had the pick of positions of power in the newly formed Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu. Many of his erstwhile colleagues joined the police force or other state departments while some participated in active electoral politics. My father however, turned down all offers to return to his native village of Cuncolim, this time to liberate his people from the shackles of ignorance. He believed that education was the only path to progress. Joining hands with other like-minded people, Papa started the Cuncolim Educational Society. Cuncolim United High School was born with a handful of students and a small band of dedicated teachers. My parents were the first teachers in the school. While my father accepted a modest honorarium, my mother taught English without taking a single rupee as remuneration.

Today, the Cuncolim Education Society has grown into one of the leading educational institutions of Goa. It runs a full-fledged degree college in Cuncolim, providing access to quality education to people not only from Cuncolim, but also from nearby villages like Balli, Adnem, Barsem, Morpirla etc. In his 77 years of life, my father witnessed a lot. He felt pain and he experienced despair. He was fought by enemies and betrayed by friends. But he also knew what it was like to live life on one’s own terms. He had experienced that clarity of purpose one feels when one hears no voice but one’s own.

Despite having dedicated the best years of his youth to the Goan freedom struggle, Papa never capitalized on it like so many of his colleagues. While many of his erstwhile colleagues let themselves be seduced by power and money, he preferred to devote himself to the cause of education. He never even applied for the government pension granted to the freedom-fighters nor did he avail of any other facilities like discounted travel.

One of my proudest memories of him was created at the National Freedom Fighter’s Conference at Porvorim, Goa, inaugurated by the then prime minister, Chandrashekhar. At the conference, the delegates passed a motion asking for an increase in the pension amount given to the freedom-fighters. The motion was carried unanimously, except for one voice. I am proud to say that among the 3000 odd delegates present, the LONE dissenting voice belonged to my father!

Needless to say, he was heckled loudly as he began his speech opposing the motion. But the heckling only made him firmer in his resolve. He believed that fighting for freedom was an end in itself. It was not a ticket to a state sponsored holiday for life. He always said that there cannot be a quid pro quo for freedom struggle. To see his beloved Goa free from foreign rule was all the compensation he needed.

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